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    Keep Loving , Keep Fighting (at nadiamedia.bigcartel.com)

    Keep Loving , Keep Fighting (at nadiamedia.bigcartel.com)

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    It’s a #Beautiful day in LA ☀️🙌


    It’s a #Beautiful day in LA ☀️🙌


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    Jean-Paul Cattin

    From Designers Block

    An old house located in East-London. A place taken over by artists and designers. Their contemporary creations, sometimes sober and functional are melting up with the old walls of the house, where several layers of paintings betray the time passing. A spatial evading in these cracks and drips.

    Une vieille maison désuète située quelque part dans le East-London. Un lieu investit par des artistes et des designers. Au milieu des créations contemporaines, parfois sobres, fonctionnelles et épurées se mélangent les vieux murs de la bâtisse, ou plusieurs couches de peintures, de tapisseries trahissent l’inexorable écoulement du temps sur celle-ci. Une perdition spatiale dans ces craquelures et coulures.


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    Be a selfish bitch.

    Don’t feel bad for going after what you want. 

    Do that shit on your own fucking terms.

    Hold a middle finger up to anyone who puts you down.

    Wear what you want.

    Do what you want. 

    Worry about yourself being good before anyone else.

    Live life to the fucking fullest. 

    You run you.

    You paint your own damn masterpiece.

    Never fucking forget that.

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